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Solving your Ocean data needs


Luna Sea Solutions Inc. was founded in 2016 and specializes in oceanographic data collection, analysis, and dissemination.

We offer turnkey project solutions, bespoke system design, and marine operation support ranging from tidal turbine deployments to collecting water samples with acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs), unmanned surface vessels (USVs), sonar systems, wave buoys, and more in between.

We developed to provide easy access to reliable ocean data for a wide range of recreational and professional water users.


"We were pleased to receive supplemental tide and current data for our voyage through Petit Passage from the Luna Sea team. The Bay of Fundy tidal system is incredibly complex. The data package provided by Luna Sea was a great help for both trips through Petit Passage. This type of data will be helpful for any inshore and moderate sized vessels that traverse the Bay Fundy."
- Phil Watson (Captain, Bluenose II)
"Access to reliable data on tidal currents is essential for planning the marine operations to install and maintain our tidal turbines. The Luna team have the skills and expertise to provide industry and individuals with the tidal and metocean data they need and we look forward to using LunaTide as we expand our operations in North America."
- Tom Wills (Head of Site Delivery, Nova Innovation Ltd.)
"We have not had any place to check what's going on in the mid-shore range where we're fishing. The deployment of a wave buoy near Cross Island gives us a vast amount of information to work with and we can plan our fishing activity around it."
- Gail Atkinson (Captain, Nellie Row)
"The ocean is full of opportunity if you know what you're doing, and full of danger if you don’t! Understanding and planning for the dynamic and aggressive environment conditions is critical to safety, and the success of marine operations. This essential information can reliably be provided by LunaTide and applied to marine operations across tidal energy, floating wind, and aquaculture."
- Darren Hays (Technical Director, Dublin Offshore)
"With a good app (LunaOcean) you'll be able to check your phone hourly for updates. Know before you go. It's invaluable for anyone who spends time on the sea."
- Walter Flower (Captain, Eastern Points | Lunenburg Whale Watch)

    Why LunaSea?

    Extensive Experience

    Our team has spent decades conducting complex oceanographic projects, including delivering on challenging objectives in remote and high energy environments (with big waves and strong tides) with thorough planning, well seasoned mariners, and innovative solutions. 

    Professional Approach

    We are professional mariners, oceanographers, acousticians, and engineers who provide world-class services to domestic and international industry clients, as well as academic institutions and non-profit organizations.  

    Coastal Community Values

    With bases of operations in Lunenburg and Freeport (Nova Scotia) we are grateful to be a part of working waterfronts in rural coastal communities.  The majority of our work is conducted working with experienced mariners who rely upon the sea for their livelihood. We often utilize their extensive knowledge to develop cost-effective solutions to challenging problems.  

    Ocean Data Services


    We utilize acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs), multibeam imaging sonars, echosounders, side-scan sonars, hydrophones, wave buoys, tide gauges,  drifters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs aka drones), unmanned surface vessels (USVs), subsea camera systems, and more to meet the information needs of our clients.   Oceanographic technologies are deployed using vessel mount, cabled, and autonomous configurations.


    Data analysis is performed primarily using Python, MATLAB, and industry standard software.

    We also developed innovative data analysis packages such as LunaTide, a learning based approach for tidal currents that compresses large tidal current data sets, addresses challenges with non-contiguous data sets (spatially and temporally), and produces accurate forecasts.


    Our most common deliverable is a confidential report to our clients, but we also share research findings more broadly through journal articles, conference presentations, and to enable community benefits for many projects.

    Marine Services

    Marine Operations Planning

    We have extensive experience with planning and conducting marine operations in challenging environments with short operational windows.  Please contact us to leverage our experience, data, and methods for the success of your project.


    We have a broad range of research vessels and work boats servicing the near and mid-shore region that can be configured to meet the specific needs of our clients.  More information coming soon!

    13,000+ users


    200,000+ data calls

    since launch in Fall 2022.

    We developed to provide easy access to reliable ocean data for a broad range of professional and recreational water users.


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