About Us


Luna Sea Solutions is working to advance world-class technologies for exploring and understanding coastal oceans, with specialization in high-energy tidal environments.

Our innovative software solutions have been developed to cost-effectively address information needs of tidal energy projects.  We are assisting this exciting and emerging industry in Nova Scotia, with potential to deliver clean, renewable, and reliable power to coastal communities.  We are also working to transfer our solutions to the benefit of other ocean users including fishing, aquaculture, shipping, and recreational boating.

We are committed to providing world-class STEM employment, including the ability to live and work in rural coastal communities.  We have infrastructure (office, equipment, and research vessels) in Freeport and Lunenburg, Nova Scotia needed to support ocean research and technology development.



Greg Trowse - President & CEO


Greg is an oceanographer, professional engineer, and waterman with over 20 years experience including the most recent decade focused on assisting with development of the tidal energy industry in Nova Scotia.  He has assisted with deployment and recovery operations for the large OpenHydro turbines in the Minas Passage, but his focus and passion is on community-scale tidal energy initiatives in the outer Bay of Fundy (Grand Passage and Petit Passage). Greg is also a founding director of SOAR, a not-for-profit organization working to advance applied ocean research needed for responsible and sustainable development of ocean industries working with rural coastal communities.


Tristan Guest - Chief Technology Officer


Dr. Tristan Guest is an oceanographer, data scientist, and programmer recently hired as the technical lead for Luna.

Tristan has degrees in Mathematics (B.Sc. 2013) and Physical Oceanography (Ph.D. 2020) from Dalhousie University.  He specializes in nearshore physical oceanographic processes and sediment dynamics, as well as software development for oceanographic applications.

Courtney Trowse - Community Collaboration Officer

Courtney is a visionary who helps chart the course, including specialization in working with rural coastal communities and collaborative research projects.

Heather Cameron - Marine Biologist

Heather is a marine biologist with a degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland (B.Sc. 2018) where she studied with Dr. Len Zedel.  After graduation, she worked at an aquaculture facility in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Heather is working with Luna in collaboration with Dr. Zedel to help advance and validate our ADCPfish software for detection and tracking of fish from acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs).

Lauchlan Chisholm - Software Engineer

Lauchlan is a musician, and programmer who strives to enjoy his life, and spread that joy to others. As a software developer he is experienced in the agile approach to SDLCs from discovery to deployment.  An entrepreneurial orientation has led him to focus heavily on positive relationships and results-driven activity.  Recent interests have focused on integrating and aligning DevOps best practices to every project he is a part of.

Research Vessels

Luna Sea Solutions owns and operates two oceanographic research vessels used to help advance ocean technology development and research projects.

The Grand Adventure

The Grand Adventure is a Rosborough 28 with:

  • John Deere inboard diesel main propulsion
  • Stern platform with auxiliary engine mount (15 hp Evinrude), swim ladder, and ability to deploy and recover equipment from near water surface
  • Boom with hydraulic winch and davit/block with hydraulic lobster hauler
  • Extended wheel house with work station and dedicated clean power supply for ocean electronics.
  • Navigation system, sounder, radar, and all Transport Canada required safety systems.

Photos below from ADAAM collaborative research project with Dalhousie Ocean Acoustics Laboratory (Dr. Alex Hay) and Memorial University of Newfoundland (Dr. Len Zedel) including the Jetyak which is owned and operated by Dal OAL.


The (mighty) Puffin

The Puffin is fast and maneuverable a Rosborough 18 (RF-18) ideally suited to working in fast flowing waters, with:

  • 90 hp Yamaha outboard main propulsion
  • 9.9 hp Yamaha auxiliary propulsion
  • Pole mount, tow bollard, and hand winch
  • Dry space and dedicated clean power system for ocean electronics in the cuddy space
  • Navigation system, sounder, and all Transport Canada required safety systems.

Photos show Puffin tied alongside: