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Ocean Data for Industry Use

We have an API for direct systems integration and LunaOcean Premium to meet the needs of industry applications. 

Please contact us to discus your needs and to schedule a demonstration.

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Premium Modules

Physical Oceanography


Machine learning applied for data compression and accurate forecasting of tidal currents.


Automated QA/QC and reporting for ADCP data including magnitude, direction, and turbulence.

Drones & Drifters

Flow measurements for tidal currents, ocean currents, and river currents using UAVs and biodegradable drifters.

Custom Models

We develop custom numerical models for currents and waves using Delft3D and other software packages.

Biological Oceanography


Machine learning applied to detection, classification, and tracking of fish and marine mammals using mutibeam imaging sonar and subsea video.


Fish detection from ADCP data.