LunaTide is a tidal current forecasting system

Innovative algorithms are used for learning and compressing tidal current data sets, generating predictions for times of interest, and visualizing the results. LunaTide works with any trusted flow speed data, including field measurements and outputs from numerical models.

A demo version of LunaTide is online for our home waterway (Grand Passage, Nova Scotia) running on AWS servers here.

Test drive LunaTide!

Just click the link, and the “tides now” for Grand Passage will be calculated and displayed in less than 30 seconds, with a resolution of tens of thousands of grid points. For more advanced users, LunaTide can generate predictions for times of interest and additional data plots (time series and vertical profiles). The web interface also allows for data download and upload for inclusion in the overall data set.

We are working to expand the geographic coverage for LunaTide, adding additional functionality, and improving the user interface.

Map of tidal flows through Grand Passage (Nova Scotia), with GPS drifters providing source data to LunaTide.