Are you the missing link in team Luna Sea?


Software Developer - User Interface Specialist

We are seeking a junior to intermediate software developer to design and build user interfaces for oceanographic data processing software. The developer will be responsible for building a modern and functional web application that displays geospatial data on an interactive map interface.

LunaTide is a tidal current forecasting system with an existing AWS-hosted prototype web application built using Dash with a backend written in Python. You would help with next steps including improving the user interface, geographic expansion, adding features, and beta testing with ocean industry and recreational water users throughout the Bay of Fundy.

For this work, thorough knowledge of software development is required. Ocean experience is not, but a love for the sea and desire to learn together is an asset!

What we expect:

  • A portfolio of web design work demonstrating experience
  • Strong knowledge of frontend web development using modern JavaScript frameworks (i.e., React)
  • Experience programming in Python
  • Experience with web frameworks such as Flask or Django
  • Experience with AWS
  • Experience managing source code using Git / GitHub
  • Experience producing high quality data visualizations
  • Strong knowledge of modern web standards and coding best practice
  • Ability to work independently as frontend development lead, while collaborating closely with backend developers, scientific advisors, and managers.
  • Strong communication skills: required to contribute to planning, communicate progress, and produce regular written updates.
  • Experience with map interactivity and/or geospatial data analysis is considered a strong asset.

Work location: Flexible

We are committed to providing world-class STEM employment, including the ability to live and work in rural coastal communities.  Our existing team of 3 full-time and 1 part-time employees primarily work remotely from home offices.

We also have infrastructure (office, equipment, and vessels) in Freeport and Lunenburg, Nova Scotia needed to support ocean research and technology development.

Luna Sea Solutions is working to advance world-class technologies for exploring and understanding coastal oceans, with specialization in high-energy tidal environments.   Our innovative software solutions have been developed to cost-effectively address information needs of tidal energy projects.  We are assisting this exciting and emerging industry in Nova Scotia, with potential to deliver clean, renewable, and reliable power to coastal communities.

Next steps include providing our software tools direct to additional water users including recreational boaters, fishermen, and others through Software as a Service (SaaS).  We need help with the user interface to achieve this evolution of Luna Sea!

We are accepting applications through October 23, with employment for 1 (maybe 2) software developers starting in November 2020 (preferably).  

We can accommodate full or part-time employment depending on your skills and availability. 

Salary to be determined based on fair wage for your skill set in Nova Scotia.

If interested in this opportunity please respond to: